Information for Readers and Performers



Calling all writers, poets, musicians, performance artists, actors and comedians, if you have an interest in these areas we’d like you to get involved.

42Worcester is Worcester’s first and only alternative genre spoken word event i.e. a Gothic, Horror, Sci-Fi & Fantasy Spoken Word Night for all those who love the genres and everything in between. Let your voice be heard!

‘42’ takes its name from Douglas Adams’ great answer to Life, the Universe and Everything. We thought that was pretty all encompassing and a really snappy name which people would embrace. This is THE alternative genre for fans of spoken word / open mic nights. 42Worcester differentiates this the original 42 from others that the founders may set up in the future.

We have themed nights throughout the year and while we’d prefer pieces that reflect the theme, we understand that not everyone will have a piece that ‘fits’. If you wish to recite at 42Worcester make sure you let us know in good time.

To express your interest in reading at 42Worcester, please send a comment on this blog or post / private message us on Facebook or email

Info for Readers and Performers

There are a few provisos to be outlined at the outset, such as the fact that although we embrace darker works we don’t encourage superfluous gore or scenes of lingering torture for the sake of celebrating cruelty. We do not encourage the humiliation, or attack of anyone due to their ethnic origin, religious beliefs, or that their great grandfather six times removed was kidnapped by aliens. Although a degree of swearing could be part of an artist’s dramatic flow in a given horror story, we ask you to keep any such sequences within a reasonable dramatic format which will sound plausible. Gratuituous obscenities are unwelcome.

So please respect these guidelines and we will welcome your contribution warmly.

Each performer will be allotted a 5-7 minutes span for their set, and you are asked to respect this timeframe. Please get in touch well in advance of the advertised evening if you wish to take part or have specific requirements for sound, etc.

We’re on the lookout for new writers and performers, so if you would like to be part of a great evening we’d be pleased to hear from you.

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