Tonight! 14 June 2017–The Antipoet!

Drummonds Bar, The Swan With Two Nicks, 7pm for a 7.30pm start – it’s The Antipoet!

The Antipoet2

“Brilliantly clever, funny, true observational punk poetry delivered impeccably!….  ‎Sarah Crosby July 2016

“Described on countless occasions as, ‘Ian Duryesque’, ‘The Antipoet’ have been performing all over the country for the last nine years and have played 100s of festivals from Glastonbury to Edinburgh and most of the ones in between! They have also performed at magazine launches, Christmas light switch-ons, a shop window, the back of a lorry, on various boats, the minstrel gallery of Liverpool and town hall and at Silverstone for the Grand Prix” – The Watford Colosseum 2017

In short, they are FAB!

See you there.


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